Investigators probe blue-streaked mozzarella

Cheese contaminated with bacteria found in supermarket

Investigators probe blue-streaked mozzarella

Turin, August 16 - Mozzarella cheese stained with blue streaks have been traced to a producer in Reggio Calabria, food inspectors said Friday. The cheese, purchased by a shopper at a Carrefour supermarket in Turin in June, was traced to a dairy farm and the case is now being probed by prosecutors. Inspectors found the cheese contained a bacteria called pseudomonas fluorescens, which causes the food to change colour but doesn't usually cause health concerns. The blue-mozzarella phenomenon is not new in Italy. A woman outside Salerno found something similar last year when she found blue mozzarella in her packaged cheese container. And police seized an entire supply of cheese from a supermarket in Frosinone when consumers reported blue cheese. Similar products were found in 2010 in 14 European countries involving German-made mozzarellas that turned an unsightly inky blue after being opened. Italian farmers staged protests following that scare, saying the case reflected a deeper problem of typical Italian products being made outside the country to lower standards.

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