Italian seas more polluted, report says

Sardinia has cleanest coastlines

Italian seas more polluted, report says

Rome, August 14 - Italian seas are less clean than last year with 130 polluted areas, one every 57 km of coastline, according to an annual report by environment group Legambiente released on Wednesday. The findings last year identified one polluted area every 62 km. The regions of Campania, Lazio, Puglia and Calabria had the biggest number of polluted seaside locations while Sardinia still enjoyed the cleanest seas in the country. Overall, 50% of the areas monitored by Legambiente researchers in the past two months along 7,412.6 km of coastline were polluted. Much of the pollution is transported by streams and rivers, the report said, with 90% of polluted areas close to water outlets into the sea.

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