Bari protests against homophobic ads

Gold-buying store mocks Dolce & Gabbana

Bari protests against homophobic ads

Bari, August 14 - Bari Mayor Michele Emiliano on Wednesday announced he had reported to Italy's advertising authority IAP a commercial "offending human dignity" after gay rights' associations denounced it as homophobic. A number of residents in the southern Italian port city along with local LGBT associations have criticized the advertisement, which has appeared on posters across Bari and been broadcast on local radio and television networks. The advertisement shows a couple mimicking renowned fashion duo Dolce & Gabbana to publicize, with a vulgar pun, a local store buying gold in exchange for cash, one of a number of gold-buying businesses which have opened across Italy amid its longest recession in two decades. Emiliano also asked police to check whether the posters were legally displayed and called on local media to stop broadcasting the commercial. Civil rights associations had recently denounced the advertisement for its "exasperated and vulgar 'satire' of a famous couple of openly-gay designers with a homophobic slogan including the adjective 'strange'" and accused the local advertising agency behind the commercial of a number of other sexist campaigns.

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