Dutch menu glorifying Mafia angers Sicilians

'Restaurants should not name dishes after criminals'

Dutch menu glorifying Mafia angers Sicilians

Palermo, August 14 - Foreign restaurants should not glorify the mafia by naming dishes and pizzas after crime families, says a Sicilian politician and anti-Mafia commissioner. Such moves signal "yet another misrepresentation of Sicily," Fabrizio Ferrandelli, who is also regional vice-president of the Democratic Party (PD), wrote on his blog after a visit to Copenhagen. There, he said, he and his family dined at a restaurant "exploiting the worst stereotypes" of southern Italy and criminals, he wrote. That included pizzas named after the Mafia and Al Capone. Ferrandelli said in his Tuesday night blog post that he was preparing a complaint for the commission and the Italian government about the restaurant. "I'm really angry...for the many who fought and (continue to) fight the Mafia".

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