Governing amid turmoil close to 'impossible', says Bonino

Situation affecting Italy's role on international arena - FM

Governing amid turmoil close to 'impossible', says Bonino

Rome, August 9 - The challenge Premier Enrico Letta's government faces amid turmoil within the ruling coalition after Silvio Berlusconi's tax-fraud ruling is close to impossible, Foreign Minister Emma Bonino said Friday. Bonino added that the situation was affecting Italy's ability to play a role on the international arena. The centre-left Democratic Party (PD) and Berlusconi's centre-right People of Freedom (PdL) party have been at loggerheads since the supreme Court of Cassation last week upheld a four-year prison conviction against the ex-premier - three years of which have been commuted because of an amnesty. The verdict has put further strain on an already fragile alliance between the long-standing rivals in the PD and PdL, who came together in April to make Letta's government possible in order to end two months of deadlock after February's inconclusive general election. "Given the impression that we don't know how to plan our work, it is clear that this makes it improbable that our international partners make commitments with us," said former European commissioner Bonino, a member the small Radical party. "They haven't an incentive to when faced with a government that everyone, all the international media, sees as a hanging on the will of other people. "Governing in this situation is a challenge that has something impossible about it".

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