Momentum gains to cap 'golden pensions' in Italy

Top earner receiving over 3,000 euros daily, says report

Momentum gains to cap 'golden pensions' in Italy

Rome, August 8 - Momentum was gaining to cap large public pensions for the rich in Italy after a report from the welfare ministry showed the country's highest-earning retiree receives over 3,000 euros in retirement payments every day. According to the report issued Wednesday, former Telecom Italia manager Mauro Sentinelli receives checks in the amount of 91,337.18 euros every month from pension agency INPS. He was followed by Alberto De Petris, another former Telecom executive, who receives over 50,000 euros per month in pension funds. On Thursday, members from both sides of the political aisle said they supported a measure to cap payments on so-called "golden pensions". "Golden pensions are a true slap in the face, especially when considering that there are seven million people in this country who have leaden pensions that don't amount to even a thousand euros per month," said Carla Cantone, secretary-general of the Spi-Cgil labor union. (photo: former Telecom Italia manager Mauro Sentinelli)

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