Rome police help tighten security at U.S. embassy

Terrorist threats persist against American targets worldwide

Rome police help tighten security at U.S. embassy

Rome, August 7 - Italian police forces said on Wednesday that they are ratcheting up security in and around the United States embassy in Rome as threats of terrorist attacks against American targets abroad persist. Special dog units and bomb squads are closely monitoring sewers, drains and public trash cans in the city, especially in the area around the embassy and other diplomatic offices. The US State Department has upped security for its diplomatic missions around the world and on Sunday closed embassies in a number of countries in North Africa, the Middle East and Europe until next Saturday. A bomb alarm Tuesday at the United States' consulate in Milan was raised due to a threat that came in a letter delivered to the consulate filled with threatening phrases referring to explosives. That triggered special safety procedures including a preventative evacuation of the consulate. A nearby subway line was closed for a period while police investigated the false threat but was later re-opened.

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