Italians hopeful for economic recovery, says survey

Country has eye on autumn for improvements

Italians hopeful for economic recovery, says survey

Rome, August 6 - More than six in 10 Italians hope for economic improvement in the fall, the association of Italian businesses Confesercenti reported on Tuesday. A study conducted by online polling company SWG for the business association found that 64.4% of those surveyed hope the country will finally emerge from its long recession by September. Economic crisis is the top political priority of nearly seven out of 10 polled. Conferescenti called for cutting taxes, especially for families, to help stimulate consumption. The association said the government should slash wasteful public spending to cover the cuts. The survey also found three out of 10 hoped for stability in the Italian government, while 10.4% wished for new elections. Italian political governance was top of mind for 44.6% of those polled in northern Italy, whereas on Italy's islands, Sicily and Sardinia, where the economic squeeze has hit hardest, more than seven out of ten wished economic recovery to take top billing. Young people also put economics at the top of their wish list. Among those surveyed, aged 18 to 24, seven out of 10 put recovery ahead of politics.

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