Extension on Adriatic fishing ban called

Producers group says don't buy foreign-caught fish

Extension on Adriatic fishing ban called

Rome, August 5 - Producers' group Coldiretti on Monday called for a boycott of fish caught by foreigners in the Adriatic while Italian boats stay in dock in a bid to replenish stock. A ban halting fishing for 42 days along the Adriatic coast that began July 22 and ran from the cities of Trieste to Rimini is now being applied to include the sea off the coast of Pesaro down to Bari, lasting the same number of days. That means fresh fish from the region is coming from foreign producers, rather than caught by Italian fishing fleets, says Coldiretti. The ban on Italian fishers was implemented to try to ensure a natural restocking of fish and thus, save the industry from total collapse, the group said. However, that increases the risk that foreign producers will try to rush into the market and fill the void. Coldiretti is also concerned by a drop in demand for fish from Italian families.

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