Grillo dismisses reports M5S might govern with centre left

'PD and PdL are the same' says comedian-turned-politician

Grillo dismisses reports M5S might govern with centre left

Rome, August 5 - Beppe Grillo on Monday dismissed reports his anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) may be willing to form a government with the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) if Premier Enrico Letta's executive falls. Letta's fragile grand coalition is under huge strain after the supreme court last week upheld a tax-fraud conviction against ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi. This has led to speculation that the PD might seek an alliance with the M5S if its coalition with Berlusconi's People of Freedom (PdL) party breaks down. But comedian-turned-politician Grillo stressed there is no change in his stance that he will not govern with any of the established parties, which he says are responsible for a dysfunctional political system that has produced debt, corruption and economic decline. "The PdL and the PD are the same," Grillo said via his Twitter account, @beppe_grillo. "There is no chance of me allying with one or the other, or voting confidence (in governments led by them)". The PD and the PdL, traditional foes, formed an alliance to make Letta's government possible in April following two months of deadlock after February's inconclusive general election. Before cutting a deal with the PdL, the PD tried unsuccessfully to get the M5S, which won around a quarter of the vote in February, to form an alliance.

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