Police conduct night raids at Italian nursing homes

Sloppy care, expired drugs found at homes for elderly, disabled

Police conduct night raids at Italian nursing homes

Rome, August 5 - Late-night police raids at nursing homes across Italy found sloppy care, abuse, and use of expired medication, authorities said Monday. Police searched 100 nursing homes on the orders of Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin, including 31 homes for the elderly and disabled people in the north, 30 in the Italy's central region, and 39 in the south. In and around the city of Catania in Sicily, authorities found over-crowding among seniors as old as 102 years. Police have charged 19 people for various violations including neglect and abandonment, and seized about 400,000 euro in goods as well as expired medications. Police found some homes did not hire qualified health care providers, did not meet sanitary codes or provide adequate facilities for the disabled, lacked air conditioning and window screens against insects, and some used soiled gloves when treating patients.

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