Boldrini addresses crowds at Bologna bombing commemoration

August 2, 1980 attack killed 85 and left 200 injured in station

Boldrini addresses crowds at Bologna bombing commemoration

Bologna, August 2 - Italian Lower House Speaker Laura Boldrini was amongst those present at a commemoration ceremony held to pay homage to the 85 victims of the August 2, 1980 Bologna train station bombing. The bombing, which also left some 200 injured, is believed to have been the joint work of neofascists, members of the secret services and the subversive right-wing Propaganda-Due (P2) Masonic lodge, which was outlawed in 1982. During the 60s, the neofascists organized, together with apparently deviating state entities, a strategy aimed at terrorizing the population because this lead citizens to ''demand order'', Boldrini said, addressing those present. ''Progress and freedom's victory was made to tremble''. Of the attacks carried out in that period the ''one at the station was the most dramatic, but Bologna is not just Bologna. It is Milan, it is Brescia, it is Ustica, and it is via d'Amelio'', she said, referring to a series of other terror attacks. ''All these events are tied together, with the same fear in their background''. In November 1995, the Supreme Court upheld life sentences for two neofascist terrorists, Valerio Fioravanti, a former TV child star, and Francesca Mambro, who were convicted of planting the bomb. Also upheld were lengthy jail terms for the head of the P-2 lodge, Licio Gelli, rogue operatives in the military intelligence service Sismi, and middleman Francesco Pazienza for working to sidetrack investigations into the massacre. Fioravanti and Mambro have always maintained they had nothing to do with the Bologna bomb. They are currently out of jail on parole.

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