Decree okays further help for Pompeii and surrounding area

Special new director general to oversee works and progress

Decree okays further help for Pompeii and surrounding area

Rome, August 2 - A decree approved in Italy's cabinet on Friday to boost the country's cultural sector includes measures for the archeological site of Pompeii and the area surrounding it. "Project Pompeii is a project coordinating initiatives for the archaeological site. It will be overseen by a director general to ensure compliance with the commitments regarding Pompeii, who will also have special superintendence over Herculaneum and Stabia," Italian Culture Minister Massimo Bray said. Premier Enrico Letta said that the decree will give "ample power" to the director and foresees the "enhancement of Pompeii. It is "our responsibility to make the site available for the world," Letta said. The director will be the "sole director" of the new organization Project Pompeii, and will have the task of defining schedules for works, while also being allowed to receive and allocate donations. The director will be supported by a maximum staff of 20 technicians, as well as five experts in law, economics, architecture, urban planning and infrastructure.

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