Chieti public official allegedly extorted sex for housing

Women seeking State assistance coerced, say police

Chieti public official allegedly extorted sex for housing

Chieti, July 30 - A public official in the central Italian city of Chieti was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly asking for sex in exchange for State housing allocation. Ivo D'Agostino, 51, from the centrist UDC party reportedly sent text messages and made telephone calls soliciting sex from five women suffering economic difficulties and seeking housing assistance. Police said that most of the women were young mothers and some were foreigners living in Italy. D'Agostino is under house arrest and could be charged with extortion, attempted extortion and sexual assault. Probes began in November 2011 after one of the women reported D'Agostino, showing his text messages to police. His phone was then tapped by investigators, who recorded him soliciting women for a sex-for-housing exchange.

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