Second murder-suicide by spurned mam reported

Unable to accept their divorce, man kills wife in family home

Second murder-suicide by spurned mam reported

Lecce, July 29 - A man who could not accept his wife's wish to end their marriage shot and killed her in the home she shared with her three children, police said Monday. The man then shot himself in a murder-suicide in Taurisano in southeast Italy that came the day after police reported a similar case in the northern port city of Marina di Massa. There, a man who killed his wife before taking his own life was in the grips after jealousy, police said. Marco Loiola, 40, first shot and injured a friend of his wife, then went into the restaurant where 38-year-old Cristina Biagi worked and shot her in the chest. These murders are the latest in the wave of so-called 'femicides' across Italy. Eighty-one women were killed in Italy in the first six months of this year - 75% of whom were slain by family members or intimates, a joint report by the Italian social economic research group EURES and ANSA reported in June. Between 2000 and 2012, there were 2,200 women who were murder victims in Italy, or an average of 171 per year - about one murder every other day.

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