Italian regulator targets profit-making Internet piracy

Agcom not acting against peer-to-peer downloaders

Italian regulator targets profit-making Internet piracy

Rome, July 25 - Italy's communications regulator issued anti-piracy guidelines that focus on punish on profit-making initiatives as well as large-scale volume transfers. The regulator left private users and peer-to-peer networks outside its sphere of intervention though. The new regulatory plan was approved at an Agcom board meeting chaired by Angelo Marcello Cardani on Thursday. The rules are ''the fruit borne of a widescale, in-depth evaluation of all the elements that were gathered in terms of the local community that is affected, with comparisons being drawn to other European national models'', Agcom said in a statement. The regulator said its aim in drawing up the guidelines was to ''protect intellectual rights as well as those of fundamental rights like the freedom of thought and information, access to the Internet, and the right to piracy''.

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