Judge dismisses three cases, fines others in Costa Concordia

Cruise ship struck ground in January 2012, 32 died

Judge dismisses three cases, fines others in Costa Concordia

Grosseto, July 24 - A preliminary investigations judge in Grosseto has dismissed charges against three defendants and sentenced another three to pay a fine at a preliminary hearing of a trial on the Costa Concordia shipwreck which killed 32 passengers in January 2012, local reports said Wednesday. Three defendants were reportedly sentenced to pay fines as an alternative to imprisonment. Manfred Urdprunger, 55, a member of Costa's crisis unit, was fined for 21,396 euros along with Andrea Bongiovanni, 32, while cartographer Simone Canessa, 27, was sentenced to pay 7.768 euros. Multiple manslaughter charges were dropped for Roberto Bosio, 47, second in command of the cruise ship ''because he was not on deck at the time of collision and all his attempts to convince the commander to issue signs of an emergency were fruitless'', the judge said. The same charges were waived for Paolo Giacolo Parodi, 60, a member of Costa's crisis unit and Salvatore Ursino, a trainee officer. The former captain of the Costa cruise ship Francesco Schettino is on trial for the deaths of the 32 passengers on charges of manslaughter, abandoning ship and causing the shipwreck.

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