Parts of chopped-up woman cooked, frozen

Son prime suspect, history of mental illness

Parts of chopped-up woman cooked, frozen

Salerno, July 23 - Parts of a woman's body found chopped to pieces allegedly by her son were cooked and frozen, police confirmed Tuesday. The remains of Maria Pia Guariglia, 70, were found mutilated Monday in a home in Salerno, southern Italy, where she lived with her son Lino Renzi, 45, the prime suspect in her death. Firefighters discovered the grisly scene after an anonymous phone caller complained of the stench of gas from her apartment. Pieces of her body were found grilled in the oven and boiled in a pot. A part of a foot was also found in the freezer while most of her body was uncovered in the bathroom. An autopsy is underway to determine the time and cause of death. Coroners suspect she died roughly three days ago. Police say Renzi has a history of psychiatric problems. Last month he was released from a care center to the custody of his mother. Firefighters also found large amounts of pharmaceuticals spilled on the kitchen counter.

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