CIA agent wanted in Italy 'freed, on flight to U.S.'

Faced extradition over 2003 abduction of Muslim cleric

CIA agent wanted in Italy 'freed, on flight to U.S.'

(see previous) Rome, July 19 - The CIA's former Milan station chief Robert Lady, who was facing extradition to Italy from Panama for his role in the 2003 abduction of Muslim cleric Hassan Mustafa Omar Nasr, has been released by authorities and is aboard a flight to the United States, the Washington Post reported Friday. Citing high-ranking sources in the Obama administration, Panama released Lady "to avoid his possible extradition to Italy". The United States had been viewed as extremely unlikely to let him end up in a foreign jail. "The US authorities will oppose the extradition of Robert Seldon Lady in all ways and will exert pressure in all directions to make sure that does not happen," said Milan prosecutor Ferdinando Pomarici earlier Friday, Pomarici helped secure a nine-year conviction for Lady, who was detained by Panamanian police over an entry violation from Costa Rica and handed over to Interpol Thursday night on an international warrant issued by Italy. Italy and Panama do not have an extradition treaty and the US, which wields influence in the Central American country, is famously unwilling to hand its citizens over to foreign jurisdictions.

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