European Court backs regulator's case against Sky Italia

Broadcaster broke advertising limits

European Court backs regulator's case against Sky Italia

Brussels, July 18 - The European Court of Justice on Thursday backed an Italian rule on advertising limits on paid television, marking a legal victory for the Italian regulator Agcom, which fined satellite provider Sky Italia for jamming its broadcasts with more ads than allowed. ''The Italian law on television advertising, which prescribes lower time-limits for advertising for pay-tv than (free) broadcast television, is in principle, in accordance with European Union law,'' the European Court wrote. Sky Italia gave a fighting response, saying in a statement ''the game is still on,'' because the final decision must be made by a judge in the Italian court where the case began. Sky Italia sought recourse to in the Lazio regional administrative court (TAR), which turned to the European Court for an interpretation of European rules on the matter. ''It is for the national judge to decide if the more rigid advertising-ceiling, imposed only on pay-tv and Sky, is legitimate,'' the statement said.

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