Man confesses to burning stepfather alive for money

Unemployed 21-year-old killed man after fight

Man confesses to burning stepfather alive for money

Ragusa, July 17 - A 21-year-old unemployed man, Mirko Bottari, has confessed to burning his stepfather alive at home after the man refused to give him money, police said on Wednesday. Bottari, who is hospitalized in the Sicilian town of Comiso with first-degree and second-degree burns on his hands and legs, reportedly killed his stepfather Vincenzo Arcidiacono Tuesday in a violent fight over the man's refusal to give him money. Arcidiacono, who was blind, worked as a phone operator at the local hospital where Bottari is being treated. "During questioning the young man confirmed he acted because his stepfather had refused to give him money the previous day," the prosecutor investigating the case said. The state attorney said the family's situation was "very difficult and worsened by the young man's unemployment and his constant demand for money".

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