Ex-Concordia captain's trial to end rapidly, says prosecutor

Francesco Schettino tried for multiple manslaughter

Ex-Concordia captain's trial to end rapidly, says prosecutor

(see previous) Grosetto, July 17 - The prosecutor at the trial for the disgraced former captain of the Costa Concordia that struck ground in January 2012 off the Tuscan coast said on Wednesday that the hearing would end soon and with a guilty verdict. "That (Francesco) Schettino is guilty, there is no doubt. The only thing left to determine is how long his sentence will be," prosecutor Francesco Verusio said. Schettino was at the helm when the Concordia hit a rock off the Tuscan island of Giglio before partially capsizing close to the shore. Thirty-two passengers died in the disaster and hundreds were injured. The disgraced captain could face 20 years in prison if he is found guilty of charges including dereliction of duty and multiple manslaughter.

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