Pakistani woman saved from arranged marriage with stalker

Family helps protect her from fiancé after suicide attempt

Pakistani woman saved from arranged marriage with stalker

Bologna, July 16 - A restraining order in Bologna was placed on a 30-year-old Pakistani man whose jealous behavior led to a suicide attempt by his young fiancee, investigators said on Tuesday. The Pakistani woman, not yet 20, decided to leave the man her family had arranged for her to marry, due to his oppressively possessive behavior, like barring her from using her computer or going out with her female friends. In response, the man threatened to ''dishonour'' her if she did not stay with him, vowing to show her father intimate pictures of her taken prior to matrimony. But when the woman's parents learned the situation, they supported their daughter's desire to cut off the relationship. The father even travelled to Pakistan to return the dowry that he had received prior to the wedding as part of Islamic custom. The young woman had been pushed to attempted suicide, which led to the intervention of Bologna police. The woman showed courage enough to press charges against her jealous ex-fiancé, and investigators found photos and threatening text messages in his possession. A Bologna judge issued a restraining order against the man for aggravated stalking. If the man contacts the woman or any of her relatives, he will be arrested. But in the meantime, the man's residency permit has expired, and his legal entanglement means it may not be renewed.

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