46 arrested in Camorra multi-clan drug-trafficking blitz

44 kilos of cocaine, one million euros in cash and assets seized

46 arrested in Camorra multi-clan drug-trafficking blitz

Naples, July 16 - Forty-six people were arrested Monday night in a blitz against five clans of the Camorra organized crime group in the southern Italian region of Campania, where Naples is located. Carabinieri police rounded up suspected members of the Castaldo, Lo Russo, Gallo-Cavalieri and Annuziata clans, which operate in Naples, as well as alleged members of the Pecoraro clan, present in Salerno and Battipaglia. A Naples prosecutor has charged the suspects with drug pushing, illegal use of arms, money laundering, and fraudulent transfer of assets. Over the course of the investigation, which took place over several months, police seized 44 kilos of cocaine and also arrested 14 drug runners. Police also confiscated roughly a million euros, between cash and bank deposits. Investigators say the five clans imported drugs from Spain and South America to furnish street dealers in Campania and in other locations in Italy, sometimes through the commercial port of Salerno. Suspects were also arrested in Spain with the assistance of the national drug and organized crime police UDYCO in Madrid.

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