Rosarno (Reggio Calabria)

Boldrini calls for migrant policy that reflects pope's words

Italian house speaker warns of indifference and responsibility

Boldrini calls for migrant policy that reflects pope's words

Rosarno (Reggio Calabria), July 12 - Italian House Speaker Laura Boldrini on Friday called for new migrant policy that heeds the words of Pope Francis, who on Monday called for respect and sympathy for them on a visit to the island of Lampedusa. ''Immigration policy should reflect the words of Pope Francis, who in Lampedusa spoke of our incapacity to mourn and take responsibility for our actions,'' Bodrini said in the Calabrian town of Rosarno. Rosarno, located in the toe of Italy's boot, is the home to the 'Ndrangheta mafia, but also copes with significant number of migrants coming across the Mediterranean from North Africa. ''Politics should also stay out of ideological contrasts, populism and the opportunistic use of migration issues, which should be governed with lucidity,'' Boldrini continued. ''One cannot ignore that politics has had and continues to have responsibility in the immigration emergency. It is not acceptable to improvise nor to leave these migrants to live in inhuman conditions, just as it is not acceptable for mayors and citizens of the Piana di Gioia Tauro to be left alone when they deal with immigration,'' Boldrini said, making reference to the local Calabrian territory where she was speaking. ''The same attitude of indifference toward migrants has (affected) also young Calabrian victims of the economic crisis, who are easy prey for the 'Ndrangheta,'' Boldrini concluded. (photo: Italian House Speaker Laura Boldrini)

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