Trade union leader slams labour flexibility-boosting plan

Union head Camusso calls plan an 'indecent proposal'

Trade union leader slams labour flexibility-boosting plan

Florence, July 12 - One of Italy's top trade union leaders Susanna Camusso on Friday called a parliament plan to boost labour market entry flexibility ''an indecent proposal''. Camusso, who heads the country's biggest trade-union confederation, the left-wing GCIL, made the comments in reference to parliament Labour Committee President Maurizio Sacconi's proposal that Italy promote more flexible regulations so as to permit companies to hire more people. ''I think it's an indecent proposal'', Camusso said. ''It's indecent because after five years of such dramatic recession for which no answer has been found to address the labour issues, the proposal of lessening job security is being brought up again, as if we haven't been exposed to all its consequences already''. (photo: CGIL labor union head Susanna Camusso)

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