Italian government to pursue marines' return to Italy

Latorre, Girone currently in India facing trial for murder

Italian government to pursue marines' return to Italy

Rome, July 12 - The Italian government will continue pursuing ''with determination'' the return of two Italian marines to Italy, Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone, currently charged in India with double homicide, a senior government official said on Friday. Latorre and Girone are currently facing murder charges for shooting and killing fisherman Valentine (aka Gelastine) and Ajesh Binki in February 2012 after allegedly mistaking them for pirates while guarding a merchant ship off the Kerala coast. Cabinet Secretary Roberto Garofoli met with relatives of the two marines in the southern Italian city of Taranto. Garofali reasserted ''the government's commitment to continue and intensify further, with determination and confidence, the actions taken to bring the two marines back home''.

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