Perugia trainee doctor arrested for alleged hospital thefts

Computer, camera, wedding ring among items stolen

Perugia trainee doctor arrested for alleged hospital thefts

Perugia, July 11 - A 35-year old trainee doctor in Perugia, central Italy, has been arrested for being allegedly involved in 27 episodes of theft involving items belonging to colleagues, nurses and even patients, according information provided by police sources on Thursday. The woman, who worked at the city hospital, has been taken into custody for alleged aggravated theft and for later selling the items, according to the arrest warrant. Amongst the items she allegedly stole were a computer, a camera, gold items, wallets inclusive of cash and credit cards, a mobile phone, sunglasses and even a wedding ring from a patient. The law enforcement officers involved in the arrest told journalists at a press conference on Thursday that they had carried out searches at her house and in her hospital locker, after which they seized some of the items that had been reported missing. The officers said the hospital had cooperated with the investigation.

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