Italian president 'to quit' before end of term

'He says he's not made of Duracell batteries'

Italian president 'to quit' before end of term

Rome, July 10 - Italian President Giorgio Napolitano does not intend to sit the duration of his seven-year term, 5-Star Movement Lower House Whip Nicola Morra said Wednesday. "He told us he's not made of Duracell batteries and won't reach the end of his mandate," Morra said after meeting with the 88-year-old head of State along with other leaders of the anti-establishment opposition party. "He's a capable man, but he told us that as soon as possible he'll quit". In April, at the end of his first term, Napolitano reluctantly agreed to become the first Italian president to serve a second in order to instill some stability in a parliament left logjammed after inconclusive February elections.

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