PdL suspension call 'just for today'

Centre right cuts demand, says Gasparri

PdL suspension call 'just for today'

Rome, July 10 - The centre-right People of Freedom (PdL) party has asked for a one-day suspension of parliament to discuss its reaction to leader Silvio Berlusconi's allegedly hasty summons to a final fraud appeal July 30, Senate Deputy Whip Maurizio Gasparri said. The PdL had initially asked for three days to mull moves against "judicial persecution". "We have asked for a suspension of parliamentary work only for today," Gasparri said on his way out of a Senate whips' meeting. The PdL is irate the supreme Court of Cassation set an allegedly "record" fast appeals date for the tax-fraud trial where Berlusconi is trying to overturn a four-year conviction and a five-year ban from public office.

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