Interior ministry quells concern over yearly blazes

Fire brigade well equipped to tackle any outbreaks, Bocci says

Interior ministry quells concern over yearly blazes

Naples, July 5 - Interior Ministry Undersecretary Gianpiero Bocci on Friday sought to quell concern rising over the traditional outbreak of fires in the summer season, which on many occasions devastate entire areas of Italy. Bocci said that authorities were well prepared to tackle any outbreaks. ''The summer season is one which often presents us with difficult situations, but we are equipped and have the right people to deal with them'', he said. Bocci was speaking in Naples, where he was attending a meeting at the provincial headquarters of the Italian Fire Brigade to discuss issues the unit faces. During the meeting, fire brigade officials outlined their plan to combat the foreseeable fires that are expected to break out in the Naples and in the Campania area in the summer months, which includes the bolstering of existing staff as well as the recruitment of volunteer officials. While the plan foresees the boosting of personnel, the equipment to be used will remain the same. The men will be moved to so-called ''high-risk areas'' as well as those most exposed to fires in past years, including Pozzuoli, Ischia, Capri, Castellammare di Stabia, Torre del Greco, Cilento and the Amalfi coast.

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