Italy says embassy in U.S. not spied upon

'No signs of espionage' says foreign minister

Italy says embassy in U.S. not spied upon

Rome, July 4 - Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino told parliament on Thursday that it appeared that the Italian embassy in the US was not being spied upon. "Our secret services have not unearthed elements of espionage in our embassy (in the US)," said Bonino. Her comments come after a Der Spiegel article reported Sunday that the US had spied on some of its European allies and the EU by bugging its embassies. The report was partly based on revelations from US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden, who revealed a wide-ranging, secret US government surveillance program focusing on civilian Internet and telephone data. He is believed to still be holed up in a Moscow airport since arriving there from Hong Kong last month. Snowden has so far failed in his attempts gain asylum in some 20 countries and has been unable to leave since the US revoked his passport on charges of espionage.

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