Millions in assets seized from ex-mafia arms pusher

Weapons used in 1993 massacres

Millions in assets seized from ex-mafia arms pusher

Rome, July 4 - Italian DIA anti-mafia police in Rome on Thursday announced the seizure of 10 million euros' worth of assets from a 61-year-old ex-convict suspected of new crimes. The man in question is Alfredo Bizzoni, whose history includes a 20-month prison sentence for supplying weapons to a Calabrian mobster that channeled arms used in mafia massacres in Milan, Florence and Rome in 1993. On the books, Bizzoni appeared to be a small businessman, but investigators found his modest declared income was inconsistent with his substantial wealth of assets. Anti-mafia police confiscated Bizzoni's properties in Rome and in the central Italian Abruzzo region, numerous vehicles including a Porsche, roughly 40 financial accounts, and various companies in the health-diagnostics sector. Bizzoni was also placed under special surveillance for two years, with major restrictions on his personal freedom, the DIA said in a statement. Bizzoni has a criminal record related to arms and drug-dealing. In 1995, the DIA arrested him for playing a logistical role in mafia preparations for series of attacks that caused terror, destruction, and took at least 10 lives in major Italian cities in 1993. Prosecutors maintained that Bizzoni supplied arms and ammunition to Antonio Scarano, a criminal-turned-informant, who was sentenced to 18 years in prison for his role in the mafia attacks.

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