Police tow boat with 100 Syrian migrants to Siracusa port

Another ship with 300 passengers transferred to Malta

Police tow boat with 100 Syrian migrants to Siracusa port

Siracusa, July 4 - A boat carrying 100 migrants spotted 60 miles off the Sicilian coast near the city of Siracusa was towed by an Italian Finance Police ship early Thursday to shore. Among the passengers originating from war-torn Syria were children and 10 women, one in an advanced stage of pregnancy, authorities said. All of the migrants are in good health, police said. Also on the night between Wednesday and Thursday, a boat carrying some 300 migrants was spotted in the sea between Malta and Sicily after an Eritrean priest living in Rome received a telephone call that there was a boat in danger and alerted authorities. Italian Coast Guard surveillance located the boat 38 miles off the Malta coast. Several injured passengers were airlifted to a Malta hospital for emergency treatment. Malta and Italian Coast Guard rescue teams transferred the remaining 265 passengers to the Malta port of La Valetta, authorities said. (photo: archive picture of immigrant boat in Lampedusa)

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