In Italy 65 women killed in 2013, 1 every 2,5 days

6,7 million women abused and only 7% reported partner

In Italy 65 women killed in 2013, 1 every 2,5 days

Rome, July 3 - Sixty-five women were killed in Italy in the first quarter of 2013, with on average a woman murdered every two-and-a-half days, Claudio Mencacci, president of the Italian psychiatric society, said on Wednesday. Mencacci was speaking on the sidelines of a press conference on violence against women promoted by the National Observatory on Women's health (O.N.Da). According to the latest data by national statistics institute Istat, 6.7 million women aged between 16 and 70 have been physically or sexually abused while about one million were rape or attempted rape victims. Partners were responsible in 14.3% of cases but 93% of violent episodes were not reported with only 7% of women denouncing their spouses or partners. Moreover, data cited at the conference Wednesday showed that 33,9% of victims who were abused by a partner and 24% of women abused by someone they knew or a stranger remained silent. Domestic violence is the second most common cause of death for pregnant women and, Mencacci said, ''30% of abuses'' start when women are pregnant. In 70% of the cases, the violence continues after a woman gives birth, he said, with consequences ''that are proven to effect the brain of a child, who in turn will become violent in a chain reaction that will never stop''. The expert stressed that in ''23% of cases violence concerns middle-high social classes''. ''It is necessary to repeat to all women, starting with the youngest, that there no love nor passion where there is violence'', said Mencacci, noting that abuse can start with a minor incident like ''jolting or hair-pulling''. O.N.Da has drafted a guide to help doctors and nurses deal with abuse and periodically awards hospitals with special services and ER protocols for abused women.

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