Mayor shot by ex-policeman makes it through surgery

Vital organs intact, doctors 'cautiously optimistic'

Mayor shot by ex-policeman makes it through surgery

(updates previous) Milan, July 2 - Surgeons who operated on the mayor of the northern town of Cardano al Campo who was shot and seriously injured Tuesday morning said that no vital organs had been damaged and that they were "cautiously optimistic" for her recovery. Doctors described Laura Prati's condition as "serious but stable". Earlier on Tuesday police captured the gunman, 49-year-old Giuseppe Pecoraro, a former municipal policeman who had recently been transferred to an administrative position in the city offices following fraud and extortion probes, police said. Prati is in serious condition after the man allegedly told employees to stay back then entered her office and shot her with a pistol. He was also carrying a rifle and had a stockpile of weapons and ammunition in his car, police said. "I have settled the scores," the man reportedly said after the shooting before he fled to a nearby office building. He was eventually surrounded by police who captured him unharmed following a shoot out. The town's deputy mayor, Costantino Iametti, was also injured, police said. Prati was airlifted to the nearby Gallarate hospital and the deputy mayor was transported to Varese hospital.

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