Six accused of food-service fraud in Naples

Spoiled and expired food served to children and elderly

Six accused of food-service fraud in Naples

Naples, July 2 - Italian police on Tuesday stopped six people accused of fraud as food-service providers to hospitals, nursing homes and schools in Naples. A probe into crimes against the public administration through catering operations alleges corruption in public bids, as well as the supply of expired and spoiled food to children and the elderly. House arrest, restrictions on movement, suspension from public office for suspected racketeering were placed on businessmen, hospital managers, and healthcare workers. Paramilitary Carabinieri police also seized documents from 53 different people and entities on Tuesday. Investigators believe the food service racket began in 2009 with a company called Puliedil Srl, a hospital and school food service operator. Puliedil allegedly avoided inspections thanks to collusion and corruption among public officials. The food service operation is accused of supplying food that did not conform to contractual obligations in quantity, quality or type.

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