Man accused of pushing wife out ninth floor window

Woman jealous, had torn man from lover in Albania

Man accused of pushing wife out ninth floor window

Milan, July 1 - Italian police arrested a 30-year Albanian man accused of pushing his wife out of a ninth floor window during a fight on Sunday night in the northern periphery of Milan. The 31-year woman, a prostitute called Susanna H., died on impact. According to a reconstruction by police, the struggle that took place in the couple's home in Cologno Monzese was motivated by the woman's jealousy of her husband, who had a lover in Albania. Investigators say the man called police late Sunday afternoon claiming his wife had jumped from their window out of jealousy. When police arrived at the scene, they found telltale signs that a struggle had taken place. At police barracks, investigators also found scratches on the man's body hidden by his t-shirt. The mother and a friend of the victim confirmed that the two had a stormy, violent relationship, evidenced also by bruises on the woman's body. Neighbours told police that they heard the two argue in their home on Sunday. Investigators learned that the woman was extremely jealous of her husband, and had gone to Albania the week before to tear him away from his mistress. The man returned against his will, sparking arguments between the two during the week leading up to the woman's death, investigators said. The Albanian man had a prior police record for property crimes and was unemployed.

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