Genoa's ex-mayor says she is innocent in flooding deaths

Five officials under investigation for 2011 tragedy

Genoa's ex-mayor says she is innocent in flooding deaths

Genoa, July 1 - The former mayor of Genoa insisted Monday that she was innocent after five people were put under investigation for possible manslaughter caused by fatal floods in November 2011. "I am certain in my heart that I am innocent...I feel raped," Marta Vincenzi, the former mayor, said of the charges against several city officials in connection with the floods that killed six people. "What's happening to me is tantamount to an act of violence". Decisions surrounding the floods were made by civil servants and not elected officials, she said. Vincenzi was previously investigated by city prosecutors for suspected slander and manipulating documents. According to prosecutors, documentation regarding the precise timing of when the city launched a flood alert in the fall of 2011 were tampered with by city officials. In November of that year, the Po River overflowed in Genoa and killed six people, including two children, and caused extensive damage. Families of the victims and other residents have said that municipal officials should have given better warnings of the extent of the floods and the dangers posed.

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