Milan passes measures to regulate sexist, violent ads

Decency rules aimed at advertisements in government buildings

Milan passes measures to regulate sexist, violent ads

Milan, June 28 - The city of Milan on Friday passed measures aimed regulating sexist and discriminatory advertising displayed in government buildings. The same regulations will be applied to adverts placed in building belonging to joint-stock companies in which the municipality has a stake. The local councillors outlined the types of messages which they define as unacceptable towards women. Images that represent or incite physical or moral violence, vulgar or indecent images, discriminatory or degrading images using stereotypes to place women in an unequal or lower status compared to men, degrading images of the body, as well as cultural and social prejudices based on discrimination related to ethnicity, sexual preferences, or religious beliefs will all be banned from city government buildings. ''These measures are aimed at promoting respect for the individual'', said Milan Deputy Mayor Ada Lucia De Cesaris. ''Censorship is not the goal. The aim is to avoid debasing women's bodies and images for futile economic motives,'' De Cesaris said.

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