U.S.-Italy strategic dialogue meeting held

Warzone withdrawls, bilateral security and arms addressed

U.S.-Italy strategic dialogue meeting held

Rome, June 27 - The main points of discussion at Thursday's US-Italy Strategic Dialogue meeting at the Foreign Ministry in Rome included the bilateral security and defence issues. The meeting was overseen by the Director General of Political Affairs for the Italian Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Sandro De Bernardin, and the US delegation was headed by Assistant Secretary of Defence for International Security Affairs Derek Chollet. The parties discussed the current situation in Libya, Syria and Afghanistan. A key point for the two parties was increasing bilateral cooperation and the international conference that Italy is expected to host at the end of the year in Rome. Issues such as the future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and common European defence policy were also addressed, as well as withdrawals from war zones, non-proliferation and arm control.

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