Twitter users get seat of honor at Verona Arena

'Tweet seats' grant stellar view, shield bright screens

Twitter users get seat of honor at Verona Arena

Verona, June 27 - The historic Verona Arena, an ancient Roman amphitheatre known for large-scale concerts and opera performances, has opened special seating for Twitter users. The so-called 'Tweet Seats', located alongside the stage, are intended to give social-media users a stellar view of the performance while quarantining the glare from their cellular-phone screens away from other attendants. The special seats, which are available online, are also expected to give the famous theatre extra publicity. The promotion was introduced in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Arena's Lyric Festival. Over the years it has hosted concerts by Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Leonard Cohen, to name a few, plus a wide array of opera talent, from Maria Callas to Renata Tebaldi.

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