Family of slain G8 protester sues cops in civil court

Carlo Giuliani killed during demonstrations in 2001

Family of slain G8 protester sues cops in civil court

Genoa, June 24 - Relatives of 23-year-old Carlo Giuliani, who was slain by police during anti-G8 demonstrations in 2001, filed a civil suit Monday against former police officer Mario Placanica and deputy police commissioner Adriano Lauro. Carlo was shot in the head and bludgeoned by a police officer during demonstrations against the G8 summit held in Genoa from July 19 to July 21, 2001. ''We were denied criminal proceedings that could have uncovered the truth'', said Giulio Giuliani, the slain boy's father. ''The prosecutor and the judge declined to examine photos taken that day...especially of the photo of a police officer bashing Carlo's head in with a stone. He had already been shot and was still alive''. The family is not asking for compensation in the civil suit. Hearings are due to begin on July 9. ''That is not what we are interested in. We want a trial and we want the government's responsibility to be recognized'', said family attorney Gilberto Pagani. Carlo Giuliani's death occurred during two days of mayhem that took place when more than 300,000 demonstrators converged on Genoa for the summit. In total, 252 demonstrators said they were spat at, verbally and physically humiliated or threatened with rape while being held at held at a detention centre in the Bolzaneto barracks. During a night raid by police at the Diaz school, which was being used by G8 protesters as sleeping quarters, three people were left comatose and 26 had to be taken to hospital. Italy's supreme Court of Cassation on June 14 upheld seven prison terms handed to police officers and prison doctors for brutality against protesters, but Carlo Giuliani's death was never investigated.

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