Trained police dog led police to missing woman's body

Samantha Fava found stuffed behind wall

Trained police dog led police to missing woman's body

Frosinone, June 20 - The body of Samantha Fava, who went missing 18 months ago, was discovered stuffed behind the wall of an apartment in Fontechiari in central Italy, thanks to a police dog called Orso (Bear), police sources said on Thursday. Fava, 35, disappeared from Sora more than a year ago, police said. The woman's body was found behind a wall in a storage room adjacent to her ex-boyfriend's home, police said. Orso's barking in the area alerted police officers to the possibility that there could be a body there. ''We put our best professional and technological abilities to use in order to find her,'' said Giuseppe De Matteis, who heads the police force in the Frosinone area. ''We solved the case also thanks to the capacity of Cassino prosecutor Alfredo Mattei, as well as the intuition of our men''. ''However the real turning point came with Orso's involvement''. Police stopped a man who at Ciampino international airport in Rome on Wednesday who had previously been involved in a romantic relationship with Fava. He is now in custody and could face murder charges.

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