Cyber attacks on Italian businesses rising rapidly

Protection firm predicts 200 million euros in losses to hackers

Cyber attacks on Italian businesses rising rapidly

Rome, June 19 - The number of hacker attacks on Italian businesses doubled in the first half of this year and will likely lead to about 200 million euros in losses in 2013, a data protection firm said Wednesday. The hackers, mostly coming from Eastern Europe, primarily present an economic cost to business, according to a report by Maglan Information Defence, an Israel-based firm that specializes in data protection. It reported a significant rise in intrusions on Italian business websites, reaching about 16,500 to date this year compared with 7,000 reported in the same period last year. And further increases are expected, it told a conference on cyber-warfare in Rome. Accumulated losses to business of about 200 million euros this year by hackers would represent almost a doubling of the 110 million euros losses incurred in 2012.

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