Electronic cigarettes to be banned from Italian schools

Habit growing among young smokers

Electronic cigarettes to be banned from Italian schools

Rome, June 19 - Italian Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin on Wednesday said electronic cigarettes will soon be banned in schools although they will be allowed in public places. Lorenzin said her ministry would pass a measure, following the opinion expressed by Italy's health authority, the Superior Health Council (ISS) under which electronic cigarettes will not be banned in public places ''but will be banned in schools and to minors under 18''. Earlier this month, Italy's health authority, an advisory body to the ministry, said about 500,000 Italian smokers had taken up electronic cigarettes while over two million had tried them. The habit is also reportedly growing among smokers between 15 and 24 years of age, according to a joint survey by the ISS with polling institute Doxa released earlier this month.

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