Italian high school seniors start graduation exam

Half a million students to write essays

Italian high school seniors start graduation exam

Rome, June 19 - About half a million Italian high school seniors on Wednesday started their 'Maturita'' graduation exam. The first written test students will be taking throughout the day is an Italian essay, which is the same for all high schools across the nation. Another two tests, which differ according to the type of high school, are scheduled on Thursday and Monday respectively. Among the subjects students could choose from to write their essay were one on State, market and democracies, another on the individual and mass society, one on political murders and research and one on the recent history of emerging BRICS economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). Another option for students starting the much-feared Maturita' on Wednesday was an analysis of a passage from 'L'infinito viaggare' by Italian contemporary author Claudio Magris. After the written tests, students will have to take one final oral exam on all subjects studied during the school year.

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