Between 45 and 50 rebel combatants from Italy in Syria

Supporters from country include one woman

Rome, June 18 - Between 45 and 50 people including one woman are thought to have left Italy to fight in the ranks of rebel groups in Syria, the Communities of the Arab World in Italy (COMAI) said. COMAI president Foad Aodi said that on the basis of the information provided by Syrian sources - including regime supporters - since the beginning of the conflict, among the hundreds of people who left Europe to fight alongside rebels are between 45 and 50 who "left from Italy. Most from the central and northern zones of the country but also some from Rome". These groups are thought to be mostly in the Deir Az Zor and Aleppo areas in the northern and eastern parts of Syria, where there are three women fighters: "an Italian, a Spaniard and probably Chechen", said Aodi. COMAI was told by the same sources that the women there "provide assistance" to the rebels.

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