Citizenship law for foreigners' children to be simplified

Proposal to be discussed by the cabinet on Saturday

Citizenship law for foreigners' children to be simplified

Rome, June 14 - A proposal for reforms to simplify Italy's citizenship law for children born in the country from foreign parents has been drafted and will be discussed at cabinet meetings on Saturday, government sources said. The proposal tweaks current laws that allow foreigners born in Italy to apply for Italian citizenship when they are 18 by streamlining the application process. A complex paper trail of documentation can be replaced with school and medical records in the case that parents cannot provide all of the currently-required certificates. Italian Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge and others have proposed changes in the law to accommodate the principle of ius soli - citizenship as a result of place of birth instead of the current law that enshrines the principle of ius sanguinis, citizenship is determined exclusively by blood relationship. The existing law foresees that children born to foreigners, like national-team soccer forward Mario Balotelli whose parents immigrated from Ghana, have the right to apply once they are legally adults. However, cumbersome administration and bureaucracy have been criticised as making the option difficult and often unaccessible to many. Photo: National-team soccer forward Mario Balotelli

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