Consumer group says e-cigarettes need to be studied

Study determine possible harmful toxins in liquid

Consumer group says e-cigarettes need to be studied

Rome, June 13 - Electronic cigarettes need to be analysed to determine if they are harmful, Italian consumer group Codacons said on Thursday, adding that products determined to have detrimental effects on consumer's health should be preemptively confiscated by the Italian Health Ministry. ''An analysis into the liquids contained in the e-cigarettes that are sold in shops in Italy'' should be immediately initiated, Codacons said. ''The health ministry, based on a precautionary principle, should carry out the confiscation of products that are harmful for people's health''. Codacons made its official request after an investigation carried out by weekly magazine 'Il Salvagente' determined the presence of lead, chrome, arsenic and other toxic and carcinogenic metals in the liquid contained in the cigarettes. The report cited a study carried out by researchers at the Federico II University of Naples. ''While we wait for a law to regulate the e-cigarette sector, in which currently chaos reigns supreme, the Health Ministry and law enforcement officials need to carry out a blanket analysis on the liquid contained in the electronic cigarettes sold in Italy,'' Codacons president Carlo Rienzi said. Codacons previously asked for electronic cigarettes to be banned in public places, just as their low-tech cousins have been, urging for their content to be carefully analysed.

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